In November 2017, I started writing my master thesis in the Computer Engineering Group at ETH Zürich. My thesis - officially titled "Event-based Geophone Platform with Co-detection" - is about developing a new, state-of-the-art networked sensor platform focusing on sensing micro-seismic activities to provide early warnings for natural hazard mitigation. Beside extensive research and collaboration with the Department of Geography at University of Zürich, my work included advanced hardware design from scratch and embedded software development.

After developing the first prototypes, initial field experiments were conducted which showed remarkably great results. Consequently, after finalizing every detail, the device went into production state, and currently 50 pieces were manufactured. I am extremely proud that a device which I developed and built from scratch within just 6 months were manufactured in those numbers and being deployed and used this summer in the Swiss mountains.


In May 2018, the geophone platform was featured on SRF Einstein (Swiss TV show). The part of the episode, titled "Forschung extrem: Datensammeln im Permafrost" introduces the geophone platform that I've developed alongside with the wireless sensor network deployed and operated in the Swiss mountains.

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Major hardware features:

Major software features:


Please note that the file size of full report is approximately 19MB, thus it may take some time to download.


The prototype PCBs were manufactured with traditional green solder mask, but the production PCBs have matte black solder mask - which looks great with the electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) finish.