Hi, My name is Akos Pasztor.

I am a Hardware & Software Engineer, targeting Embedded Systems. I design hardware, including analog, digial and mixed-signal circuits and printed circuit boards. I also develop embedded software and firmware, mainly for microcontrollers. My main focuses include ultra-low power system design, hard and firm real-time systems, fail-safe system design and more. I hold a master's degree in electrical engineering from ETH Zürich, Switzerland.


My attraction to informatics and electronics showed when I was at the age of 3. So my father wrote me a software to learn the letters, numbers and basic calculations. By the time I started the elementary school, I had known how to use a keyboard and how to type words on it.

At the age of 10 I received a LEGO Mindstorms kit for Christmas. That was a huge step, because I learned how to build things up from small parts and the best part was, that I could program them to do what I want. I got acquainted with the basics of microcontrollers, and how to attach the peripherals (sensors & motors) to it. At that time I learned the importance of the connection between hardware and software. During high school I learned high-level programming languages, and I decided to continue my studies at the Budapest University of Technologies. Because of my fondness of programming and building hardware at the same time, I chose the faculty of electrical engineering.

Although I had already been good at programming, I came to the university with little knowledge in electronics. To fill the gap, I decided to create projects on my own to deepen my knowledge and obtain practical experience in electronics & embedded systems. Since then, I've been designing hardware and writing embedded software for various applications.

In January 2015, I have finished my B.Sc. degree with the qualification of “Excellent with Highest Honours” in Electrical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary’s top ranked technical university. Later that year, I got admitted to ETH Zürich which is among the top universities around the world. I received my master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from ETH Zürich in 2018.

After I had finished my studies, I have been working full-time. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to deepen my professional expertise in the field of software and hardware engineering. I'm always eager to keep up with the latest technologies, current state-of-the-art, and learn something new. Although my time is limited, I regularly try to publish my most side projects, snippets and latest ideas here on my website and on GitHub.

In my freetime (not so much unfortunately...) I like working on my Projects, doing sports e.g. snowboarding, kitesurfing, swimming, judo, etc.. or just read a book and chill. One of my favorite hobbies is driving. I love cars; so I often go for a ride either alone, or sometimes I team up with like-minded friends and go on a trip together. You can find me either on a race track or devouring the beautiful roads in Alsace, the Black Forest or Northern Italy. For the curious ones, I currently drive a 370Z Nismo.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me. You can find my informations under the Contact menu.



C, C++ Assembly Python

Real-Time Operating Systems FreeRTOS ThreadX Advanced Debugging Tracing

Static Code Analysis MISRA PC-lint C-STAT Unit tests Cpputest Google Test Pytest

Build Systems SCons Qt SDK Git Svn


Microcontrollers Peripherals Communication Interfaces

Analog Circuits Digital Circuits Mixed-Signal Circuits Power Supply Design Ultra-Low Power Design

Schematic Design PCB Design Altium Designer Simulation SPICE

Oscilloscopes Logic Analyzers Hardware Bring-up Soldering

CI/CD, Infrastructure, Web

GitLab GitHub Actions Azure DevOps Jenkins

Docker Ansible

HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript PHP SQL


Date Award Certificate
Jul-2018 Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology View Certificate
Jan-2015 Excellent B.Sc. degree with Highest Honors View Certificate
Nov-2014 Scientific Students' Association Conference - Third Prize View Certificate
Nov-2014 Rubin YOUNG TALENT Sustainability in Engineering Special Prize View Certificate

Papers and Publications

Date Title Category Pub.
Apr-2019 Event-triggered natural hazard monitoring with convolutional neural ... IPSN 2019 - ACM/IEEE
Apr-2019 How many climb the matterhorn? (Demo abstract) IPSN 2019 - ACM/IEEE
Apr-2019 Event-​triggered Geophone Platform for Co-​Detection of Seismic Events EGU General Assembly 2019
May-2018 Event-based Geophone Platform with Co-detection Master Thesis at ETH Zürich
Jun-2017 WuLoRa: Energy-Efficient IoT Sensor Node Semester Thesis at ETH Zürich
Jan-2016 Towards Low-Power, Timing-Predictable Medical Monitoring Semester Thesis at ETH Zürich
Oct-2014 Development of a Modular Home Automation System Scientific Student Association Conference
Sept-2014 Development of a Modular Home Automation System (Abstract) Scientific Student Association Conference
Dec-2013 The myPhone project Documentation -


I would like to thank everyone who supported and supports me throughout my projects. I can truly say that electrical engineering is a very tough profession. You have to put everything you've got into it, and a bit more. Learning from papers is not enough, you have to do it in practice.

I am extremely grateful that I could continue my studies and receive my master's degree at ETH Zürich which is among the top universities all around the world. I am also grateful that I could earn my BSc. degree at Budapest University of Technologies which is the best technical university in Hungary.

I would like to express my gratitude towards the SeaSoft Ltd. for all the practical, technical and financial support.

Pictures about me

Driving my 370Z Nismo in the Dolomites Drift BMW E46 V8 Thumbs Up Drift BMW E46 V8 Sideways Wet Track Drift BMW E46 V8 Self Preparing for a great slope Drifting with a Subaru Impreza Ready to drive a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Driving a Ferrari F430 Glacier snowboarding Wakeboarding on the Zurichsee