Geophone Platform project
Nov 2017 - May 2018

Developed a state-of-the-art, networked geophone platform for sensing micro-seismic activity with ultra-low power consumption; always-on, dual-side, multi-stage triggering; co-detection and more. Developed as my master thesis at ETH Zürich.

Geophone Platform
Wireless GPS 2.0 project
May 2016 - Oct 2017

Working as hardware/software engineer at ETH TIK, my task was to develop the next-generation of the Wireless GPS module within the Permasense project. My work included complete hardware design and embedded software development.

Wireless GPS 2.0
WuLoRa - IoT Sensor Node project
Mar 2017 - Jun 2017

Developed an energy-efficient IoT sensor node which features the combination of ultra-low power wake-up circuit with LoRa transceiver, dual MCU platform, battery operation with energy harvesting and various sensors. Developed as a semester project at ETH Zürich.

WuLoRa - IoT Sensor Node
Medical Monitoring Device project
Sep 2015 - Jan 2016

Developed a medical monitoring device which can measure human vital signs, including heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Focused on timing predictability for bounded response times and low-power system design. Developed as a semester project at ETH Zürich.

Medical Monitoring Device
Smart RC-Car project

Developing an ECU (Engine Control Unit) with regenerative braking, ABS, ASR, ESP, object detection and object following features for a 1:8 scale RC car used for racing with 1800Watt BLDC motor, steering servo, 4x4 drive, front and rear differentials, independent suspension and more.

Smart RC-Car
Home Automation System project
Finished: Dec 1, 2014

Central unit of an intelligent Home Automation System. Equipped with an 5" touch screen for user interaction. Ethernet, KNX, BT and Radio modules are available for communication. The hardware can be supplied from a 230V network source!

Home Automation System
myPhone v2 project
Finished: Dec 12, 2013

The successor of myPhone v1: fully-functional GSM mobile phone with membrane keyboard, built-in speaker & microphone, two Li-Po batteries, and the whole is packed into an aluminium enclosure.

myPhone v2
myPhone v1 project
Finished: Oct 10, 2013

A fully-functional GSM phone with LCD dot-matrix display, built-in telephone book, USB connectivity for downloading contact infos, external speaker & microphone connectivity. Driven by an AVR Atmega128.

myPhone v1